Apartments Finishes and Amenities

✓ The height of the apartments is 270 cm, respectively 300 cm in the case of duplex or penthouse apartments;

✓ Concrete screed floor, thermally insulated and soundproofed;

✓ The finished balconies are covered with granite tiles and metal railings or safety glass on the reinforced concrete parapet;

✓ Mechanized interior plasters on walls and ceilings; interior walls plastered and painted with white washable paint;

✓ Individual thermal modules for heating and hot water with metering in a specially designed space on each level;

✓ Programmable digital thermostat for temperature control in each room;

✓ Indoor electrical installations prepared for the installation of smart home systems;

✓ Water-sewer installations;
✓ Sanitary ware in bathrooms, kitchen washbasin with drip tray;
✓ Entrance door with security systems;

✓ Air conditioning system;
✓ Color digital video intercom with access control and remote monitoring.

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Building Finishes and Amenities

The supporting structure is made of bored piles foundation raft type;

✓ Reinforced concrete pillars and slabs;

✓ Masonry on the exterior walls of ceramic block brick – 30 cm thick;

✓ Masonry on the interior walls of ceramic block brick – 25 cm thick;

✓ Reinforced concrete floors made of slabs – 21 cm thick;

✓ Exterior thermal system embellished with fireproofed mineral wool boards;

✓ PVC joinery in profiles with 6 class A chambers and triple pane glass;

✓ Facade finishes with Caparol type decorative plasters;

✓ Curtain walls with aluminum structure and safety glass for the main access to the building;

✓ Waterproofed and thermally insulated terraces, finished with ceramic cladding;

✓ Accesses, stairwell, halls, finished and cladded with natural stone and granite tiles;
✓ Generous reception space with a height of 6 m, hotel type
✓ Accesses for people with disabilities;
✓ LED lighting both in the outdoor spaces and in the common spaces;
✓ Two Otis elevators for eight people for each building;
✓ Ventilation system in rectangular steel pipes;

Amenities for your confort

Residential Complex Amenities

✓ Arranged playground, green spaces and a 2,000 sqm park intended exclusively for tenants;
✓ Underground parking lots and outdoor parking spaces;
✓ Surveillance system and controlled access to buildings, parking lots and outdoor common areas;
✓ Dedicated space for 24/24 guarding of the residential complex;
✓ Dedicated parking spaces for visitors, utility services, taxi, courier and disabled people;

✓ Bicycle racks;
✓ Charging stations for electric cars;
✓ Commercial spaces on the ground floor of building A;
✓ Access roads and arranged pedestrian alleys;
✓ Street lighting and indoor and outdoor signage;
✓ Selective waste collection system;
✓ Administration service for the entire complex which includes guarding the development, maintenance of green spaces, cleaning and snow removal of sidewalks and common roads.