25 years

of activity

Over 13

completed projects


Who is the developer who can afford not to compromise on quality, given that companies operate based on profit?

Mircea Musgociu, through Profitec SRL, agrees that profit is important for the survival of a company, but in order to make long-term investments it is more important to maintain a reputation of honor and reliability which is hard earned and can be easily lost.All the investment in this area started by building a functional access road consisting of 3 roundabouts and the related two-lane roads for each direction. The cost of these, together with the utilities needed for residential development was 2.7 million euros. The 3 buildings (331 apartments) are the first stage of the 1500 apartments that Profitec intends to build.

In its 25 years of activity, with an impressive portfolio, Profitec has managed to build over 13 commercial, residential and office projects. By combining the information gathered from Western Europe and the US, along with the ambition not to compromise, Mircea Musgociu aims to constantly exceed customer expectations, enriching their lives. As an electronics engineer by profession, he will implement in this project the novelties through which technology improves the comfort and safety of homes.